The principal governing committee of the SCC is the Board of Directors (BOD), which includes representatives from various stakeholders from the SCC partnerships. In addition, the BOD will maintain:

  1. Six sub-committees to provide guidance in the following areas: (i) Clinical; (ii) Finance; (iii) Community Needs Assessment and Outreach; (iv) Health Information Technology and Biomedical Informatics; (v) Workforce; (vi) Audit and Compliance.
  2.  Eleven individual Project Committees to represent each DSRIP project chosen by the PPS. These workgroups were constituted in September 2014 and have continued to evolve with new members joining.
  3. The Project Advisory Committee (PAC), which was formed in August 2014, is open to anyone selected as a representative by their PPS partner entity.

All three of these groups have been established. The Suffolk Care Collaborative takes an inclusive approach to participation – there will be multiple opportunities for partner entities to participate in various governance forums.

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