Building a Suffolk County Integrated Delivery System (IDS)

Building a Suffolk County Integrated Delivery System

Project 2ai - Create an Integrated Delivery System focused on Evidence-Based Medicine/Population Health Management

Project Objective Statement

To create an organizational structure with committed leadership, clear governance and communication channels, a clinically integrated provider network, and financial levers to incentivize and sustain interventions to holistically address the health of the attributed population and reduce avoidable hospital activity.

Project Management

Kerri Beine
Program Assistant
Office of Population Health
Tel:  (631) 638-3181
[email protected]

Samuel Lin, MHA, PMP
Director, Strategic Operations
Office of Population Health
Tel:  (631) 638-1374 
[email protected] 

Ned J. Micelli
IT Director, DSRIP Program
Stony Brook Medicine Information Technology
Tel: (631) 444-6461
[email protected]

Project Leadership

Linda S. Efferen, MD, MBA, FACP, FCCP, FCCM
Executive Director & Vice President, Medical Director
Stony Brook Medicine
Tel: (631) 638-1318
[email protected]

Chief of Operations & Vice President, Population Health Management Services
Stony Brook Medicine
Tel:  (631) 638-1391
[email protected]

Project Committee Membership

Project Committee Charge
A composition of key internal and external project stakeholders, including representation from key community and public service and governmental agencies engaged to support the conclusions, deliverables and monitor system impacts of the DSRIP program.

Project Documents

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