Tobacco Dependence Treatment & Policy Initiatives

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Tobacco Dependence Treatment & Policy Initiatives

Project 4bii - Population-based health chronic disease prevention and management

Project Objective Statement

To initiate, promote, and drive opportunities for high quality tobacco cessation resources and services in both clinical and community settings throughout Suffolk County, NY.

County-wide Tobacco Cessation & Control Initiatives

Tobacco Cessation at Primary Care Practices Initiative
This initiative aims to create tobacco cessation protocols that are integrated in primary care practice electronic health records EHRs. Protocols are designed to prompt providers to complete the 5 A’s of tobacco control (Ask, Assess, Advise, Assist and Arrange).

Facilitation of Referrals to NYS Smokers’ Quitline Initiative
Encourage practice sites to implement a process that facilitates referrals to the NYS Smokers Quitline. The Tobacco Cessation Coalition will assist sites by providing an approach, as well as NYS Smokers Quitline education materials.

Tobacco Free Campuses at Behavioral Health Partner Sites Initiative
This initiative partners with the Office of Mental Health (OMH) and community-based tobacco cessation programs in Suffolk County to assist sites through their transition in becoming tobacco free campuses.

Community Engagement & Population-wide Prevention Initiative
This initiative aims to combine the efforts of the Tobacco Cessation Coalition with those of the 4bii Increase Access to High Quality Chronic Disease Prevention Care and Management project by providing tobacco cessation materials to both clinicians and the public.

Treating Tobacco Dependence Train the Trainer Initiative
Collaborate with the Learn to be Tobacco Free Program through the Suffolk County Department of Health to promote the Treating Tobacco Dependence Train the Trainer courses. The Treating Tobacco Dependence Training program is targeted to providers who are interested in obtaining education on how to facilitate on-site Community Cessation Programs on behalf of their organizations to their patient populations.

Project Management

Alexandra Kranidis, MPH, CPH, CHES, AE-C
Project Manager
Office of Population Health
Tel: (631) 638-1772 

Project Leadership

Patricia Bax, MS, RN
Marketing & Outreach Coordinator
NYS Smoker’s Quitline
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Tel: (716) 845-4365

PJ Tedeschi, LCSW
Director, Tobacco Action Coalition of LI
Tel: (631-415-0948)

Patricia Folan, RN, DNP
Director for Center for Tobacco Control, Northwell Health
Tel: (516) 466-1980

Suffolk County Tobacco Cessation Coalition

Coalition Mission Statement

The Suffolk County Tobacco Cessation Coalition is a group of tobacco use subject matter experts that are charged with aiding in the facilitation of reducing tobacco use among residents of Suffolk County, NY, including those with behavioral health needs. The Coalition will achieve this by working with hospital and community-based providers to implement evidence-based best practices and standards and by connecting the community to accessible and trustworthy resources to help them successfully quit their tobacco use.

Suffolk County Tobacco Cessation Coalition Membership Directory

If you are interested in becoming a voluntary member of the Suffolk County Tobacco Cessation Coalition, please contact Alexandra Kranidis at

Project Documents

To learn more about this program, review our project documents in this section.

Project Resources & Quick Links

This section features key external resources utilized during program development. We invite you to click the links to learn more.

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