Affiliates On-boarding

Introduction to the SCC On-boarding Program for Affiliates

The Suffolk Care Collaborative (SCC) has formally initiated engagement with our Affiliates through our SCC Affiliate On-boarding Program.

Affiliates are defined as community and health-care delivery providers in Suffolk County with an interest in becoming an integrated delivery system partner. The on-boarding program has been designed to properly enroll our Affiliates into the DSRIP program and define roles and responsibilities for participation.

On-boarding will consist of executing the below linked Affiliate Agreement, as well as participation in an in-person or phone conference with a member of the SCC’s project management office or community engagement team. The purpose of the discussion is to learn more about your organization, services provided and target populations.

Affiliate Agreement

The SCC has created a new “Affiliate” status for participation in the Suffolk Care Collaborative and the NYS DOH Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program. Participation as an Affiliate allows for participation in any DSRIP project and performance/clinical-outcome metric in addition to DSRIP Project 2ai entitled “Building a Suffolk County Integrated Delivery System” (IDS) based on Affiliates interest. 

Affiliate Agreement Cover Letter

Affiliate Agreement Terms & Conditions

For more information please contact the Suffolk Care Collaborative

If you have any questions, please submit them [email protected] with the subject line: “Affiliate Agreement Question.”

At the close of you’re on-boarding, each Affiliate’s primary contact will be added to an email distribution list to receive future contracting updates and announcements.

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