Community Calendar

Below are upcoming walking events, community wellness events, and LIHC events, as well as events for social service programs. You can search for events using these key categories:
  • Walking Events: Free community walking events or larger fundraising events where registration is required.
  • Community Wellness Events: Includes events focused on disease prevention and overall health wellness strategies, i.e., exercise programs (Zumba or yoga), support groups (for those living with a chronic disease), health management programs (Diabetes self-management program, Walk with Ease), prevention programs (smoking cessation, cancer screenings), and farmers markets.
  • LIHC Events: Any event coordinated by the Long Island Health Collaborative and its partners, like monthly collaborative meetings, networking events, community walks. 
  • Social Service Programs: Events where social determinants of health are addressed, for example, transportation meetings, housing programs, educational workshops and insurance enrollment sites.