Partner On-Boarding

Introduction to SCC On-boarding Program

The Suffolk Care Collaborative (SCC) has formally initiated engagement with our Coalition Partners through our SCC Coalition Partner On-boarding Program.

Coalition Partners are defined as health-care delivery providers in Suffolk County who have attested to be a member of the Suffolk Performing Provider System (PPS). The full list of attested Coalition Partners can be found here. If you are not an attested partner, please click here to enroll today.

The on-boarding program has been designed to properly enroll our Coalition Partners into the DSRIP program, establish payment procedures and define roles and responsibilities for participation. Upon completion of the on-boarding program, engaged SCC Coalition Partners may become eligible for DSRIP payments.

Instructions for Completing the On-boarding Program 

Please click the red icons below to navigate through the On-boarding program pages. 

Part 1 Please complete and return the executed SCC Coalition Partner Participation Agreement. A single agreement executed by the identified “contracting entity” or parent organization will cover all departments and providers that participate in DSRIP within that organization.
Part 2 Please complete and return the SCC Coalition Partner Attestation; SCC Partner Enrollment Checklist; SCC Education Attestation; RHIO Participation Agreement; OMIG Certification of Compliance Program.
  Upon full execution of the documents described in Part 1 and Part 2, please scan and email them in pdf format to David Karpf, Provider Engagement Manager, via email at [email protected] with the subject line: “Contracting.” Please include in the body of the email, a note specifying which documents are attached/included.  If necessary you can fax the fully executed documents to 631-638-1009.
Part 3 “Education Materials” will be shared with partners at the time of onboarding. It is expected partners will review the materials to fulfill the onboarding training requirements. In person as well as self-directed educational methods will be used at the time of onboarding partners.

For more information please contact the Suffolk Care Collaborative

If you have any questions, please submit them to David Karpf, Provider Relations Manager, at [email protected] with the subject line: “Contracting Question”  We will be compiling a list of questions and answers throughout the contracting process and providing partners with regular updates on our website.

At the close of your on-boarding, each SCC Coalition Partners’ primary contact will be added to an email distribution list to receive future contracting updates and announcements moving forward.

Thank you for your attention to this critical phase of DSRIP Implementation!!

Meet the On-Boarding Teams

Stony Brook University Hospital HUB

David Karpf, MS
Provider Engagement Manager
[email protected]
Tel: (631) 638-1381

Ashlee McGlone, MA
Provider Relations Liaison
[email protected]
Tel: (631) 638-1769

Catholic Health Services of Long Island HUB

Lorren M. Gallo, MPH
DSRIP Provider Implementation Manager
[email protected] 
Tel: (516) 838-8138 | Cell: (516) 757-4115

Michael Sokol, MBS, MPH
DSRIP Provider Implementation Manager
[email protected]
Tel: (516) 838-8134 | Cell: (516) 563-0241

Deepika Kewlani, MBA
DSRIP Provider Implementation Manager
[email protected] 
Cell: (516) 388-8845

Northwell Health System HUB

Stacey Mallin
Director, Program Operations
[email protected]
Tel: (516) 600-1352

Lindsay Hall
Assistant Director
[email protected]
Tel: (516) 600-1148

For general questions, please contact Northwell HUB at: [email protected]

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