Part 2: On-boarding Required Documents

In addition to the SCC Coalition Partner Participation Agreement, we’ve identified a group of additional key documents that will help us complete your on-boarding. For more information about these materials, we invite you to view our on-boarding program webinar by clicking here.

  1. SCC Coalition Partner Attestation (For new Coalition Partners only)
  2. SCC Partner Enrollment Checklist
    Please use the Partner Enrollment Checklist as a guide to completing the enrollment documentation. 
  3. SCC Educational Attestation
    Please complete the SCC Educational Attestation as you review the materials which fulfill the onboarding training requirements. 
  4. RHIO Participation Agreement (Qualifying Entity (QE) Agreement)
    Please note, if you are already enrolled in a RHIO, please return a copy of the Qualified Entitiy  (QE) Agreement. If you are not already enrolled, RHIO enrollment will initiated by each HUB during the onboarding process.
  5. OMIG Compliance Certification
    Please note, this will only apply to entities receiving $500,000 or more Medicaid funds in the consecutive 12-month period.  
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