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In this section you'll find important background materials including copies of presentations along with videos from Project Advisory Committee (PAC) Meetings, presented in reverse chronological order.

As new materials become available they will be posted here. It is recommended that you bookmark this section and check back often in order to stay up to date on the Suffolk Care Collaborative progress.

March 30, 2020
PAC Meeting 

December 12, 2019
PAC Meeting 

September 26, 2019
PAC Meeting 

June 27, 2019
PAC Meeting 

April 4, 2019
PAC Meeting 

December 14, 2018
PAC Meeting 

September 20, 2018
PAC Meeting 

June 14, 2018
PAC Meeting 

March 26, 2018
PAC Meeting 

December 8, 2017
PAC Meeting 

September 26, 2017
PAC Meeting 

June 23, 2017
PAC Meeting 

March 21, 2017
PAC Meeting 

September 26, 2016
PAC Meeting 

June17, 2016
PAC Meeting 

March 31, 2016
PAC Meeting 

December 22, 2015
PAC Meeting 

October 6, 2015
PAC Meeting

Meeting Agenda
Meeting Presentation
Panelist Bios
PAC Meeting Video 
(120 minutes)

June 30, 2015
PAC Meeting

March 26, 2015
PAC Meeting

December 10, 2014
PAC Meeting

November 12, 2014
PAC Meeting

October 14, 2014
PAC Meeting

September 15, 2014
PAC Meeting

  • Meeting Agenda (1-page PDF)
  • Primary Data Analysis Video (31.11 minutes)
    A presentation of the findings from a large health needs assessment of the total Suffolk county population as well as Suffolk's Medicaid and uninsured patient populations revealing significant and specific areas of opportunity for health care improvements.
  • 2014 PRC Community Health Needs Assessment (32-page PDF)
    A summary in PDF form of the findings presented in the Primary Data Analysis video.
  • System Transformation Projects Video (14.44 minutes)
    A presentation of the Domain 2 Proposed Projects for PPS pursue which are meant to be a basis of support for many of the other activities Stony Brook Medicine will be undertaking with DSRIP.
  • Domain 2 Proposed Projects (9-page PDF)
    A summary in PDF form of the findings presented in the System Transformation Projects video.
  • Proposed Projects (1-page PDF)
    A listing of project numbers along with brief descriptions.
  • Experience from the Field (8.06 minutes)
    A brief discussion of the potential of achieving successful results within our proposed DSRIP projects.

September 11, 2014
Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration Presentation

August 28, 2014
Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration Meeting

August 14, 2014
Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration Meeting

  • Integration Presentation (27-page PDF)
    A presentation, in PDF form, describing the requirements for set-ups, handoffs, and communication between diverse disciplines in an integrated workforce.
  • DSRIP Project Elements Design & Timeline (7-page PDF)
    A guideline in PDF form explaining how each DSRIP project team should develop the design of their respective projects.

August 13, 2014
PAC Meeting

  • Welcome Video (2.27 minutes)
    Opening remarks and introduction to speakers from Kenneth Kaushansky, M.D., Senior Vice President, Health Sciences Dean, School of Medicine, Stony Brook Medicine.
  • Keynote Speaker Video (41.54 minutes)
    A presentation by Earl P. Steinberg, MD, MPP, Chief Executive Officer, xG Health Solutions powered by Geisinger, discussing the rapidly changing payment environment and how it will impact delivery of care.
  • Panel Discussion Video (29.27 minutes)
    Six panelists from key Suffolk County providers discuss the challenges and keys to DSRIP success.
  • Orientation Video (35.15 minutes)
    A discussion of what the PPS is, where it's developed to date, and where it's going.
  • Next Steps Video (23.42 minutes)
    A discussion of the next steps required to apply for DSRIP and carry out its initiatives.
  • Next Steps (5-page PDF)
    A summary in PDF form of the key points presented in the Next Steps video.

June 26, 2014
Stony Brook's DSRIP Design Grant Application

Copies of the grant application materials submitted to the New York State Department of Health for the DSRIP program

June 23, 2014
Presentation to the PPS

An overview of the Suffolk County DSRIP Collaborative including required elements and implementation strategies.

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