Brookhaven Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

801 Gazzola Drive
East Patchogue, NY, 11772
Phone: (631) 369-8869

The following clinical capabilities are available at this facility: 
Primary Care Clinician Services-At least one physician, NP, or PA in the facility three or more days per week
Primary Care Clinician Services-At least one physician, NP, or PA in the facility five or more days per week
Primary Care Clinician Services-At least one physician, NP, or PA available 24/7 via phone/text
Diagnostic Testing-Stat lab tests with turnaround less than 8 hours
Diagnostic Testing-Stat X-rays with turnaround less than 8 hours
Diagnostic Testing-EKG
Diagnostic Testing-Bladder ultrasound
Diagnostic Testing-Venous Doppler
Diagnostic Testing-Swallow Studies
Consultations-Wound Care
Consultations-Other Physician Specialty Consultations
Consultations-Palliative care
Consultations-Physiatry/Pain management
Social and Psychology Services-Licensed Social Worker
Social and Psychology Services-Psychological Evaluation and Counseling by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Therapies on Site-Occupational
Therapies on Site-Physical
Therapies on Site-Speech
Therapies on Site-Provide therapy for patients who are non-weight bearing
Therapies on Site-Speech therapy electric stimulation
Nursing Services-Frequent vital signs (e.g., every 2 hrs)
Nursing Services-Strict intake and output (I&O) monitoring
Nursing Services-Daily weights
Nursing Services-Accuchecks for glucose at least every shift
Nursing Services-INR
Nursing Services-O2 saturation
Nursing Services-Nebulizer treatments
Nursing Services-Incentive spirometry
Nursing Services-PT and nursing care for morbidly obese patients (indicate weight limit)
Nursing Services-1:1 patient monitoring
Nursing Services-15-minute safety checks
Interventions-IV Fluids (initiation and maintenance)
Interventions-IV Antibiotics
Interventions-IV Lasix
Interventions-PICC Insertion
Interventions-PICC Management
Interventions-Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
Interventions-Isolation (for MRSA, VRE, etc...)
Interventions-Surgical Drain Management
Interventions-Tracheostomy Management
Interventions-Analgesic Pumps
Interventions-Advanced CPR (ACLS capability)
Interventions-Automatic Defibrillator
Interventions-Peripheral IV line initiation
Interventions-Access and de-access of implanted ports
Interventions-IV Solumedrol
Interventions-IV meds (other)
Interventions-PleurX Catheter
Interventions-Nephrostomy tube
Interventions-Maintenance tracheostomy tube change
Interventions-Send patients to off-site Hemodialysis
Interventions-Peritoneal dialysis
Interventions-Life Vest wearable defibrillator
Interventions-Percussion Vest for COPD
Interventions-Left-Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)
Pharmacy Services-Emergency kit with common medications for acute conditions available
Pharmacy Services-New medications filled within 8 hours
Pharmacy Services-On-site pharmacy
Pharmacy Services-Medication pyxis system
Advanced Directives-Use of MOLST
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