Primary & Behavioral Health Integrated Care Program

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Primary & Behavioral Health Integrated Care Program

Project 3ai - Integration of primary care and behavioral health services

Project Objective Statement

This project is aimed at developing collaborative care models between PCPs and behavioral health organizations. It may involve direct co-location of interdisciplinary clinicians within a site, and/or establishing a level of collaboration between agencies based on geography, skill set, community needs, etc.

Project Management

Alyse Marotta 
Administrative Manager, Behavioral Health Programs
Office of Population Health
Tel: (631) 638-1382
[email protected]

Susan Jayson, LCSW
Director, Behavioral Health Integration
Office of Population Health
Tel: (631) 638-1383
[email protected]

Project Leadership

Kristie Golden, PhD
Associate Director of Operations, Neurosciences,
Stony Brook Medicine
Tel: (631) 444-1956
[email protected] 

Project Workgroup & Committee Membership

Project Workgroup Charge
A composition of subject matter experts engaged to support the development, execution and monitoring of project milestones.

Project Committee Charge
A composition of key internal and external project stakeholders, including representation from key community and public service and governmental agencies engaged to support the conclusions, deliverables and monitor system impacts of the DSRIP Program.

Project Workgroup and Committee Membership Directory

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Project Documents

To begin to learn more about this program, our project documents in this section.

Project Resources & Quick Links

This section features key external resources utilized during program development. We invite you to click the links to learn more.

DSRIP Project 3.a.i Licensure Guidence
A provider must follow the programmatic requirements of its licensing agency and the prescribed requirements of the IOS Regulations as ourlined in the DSRIP Project 3.a.i Licensure Threshold Guidence for integrated care.

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